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.05 - Hold on 
09:00pm 19/05/2005

Ok, this image's size is all photobucket's fault so I shall recite the lines here or if you really want to see them you can go to http://www.deviantart.com/view/17559312/ to see a larger version.

Crappy Bulding
Even worse background....

Barwolf: Hold on, Entrain...

Entrain: Mmph...Barwolf...

Barwolf: He's crying? Can you walk?

Entrain: Uh-huh

Evil nose! Evil!

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.04 - Behold teh crappy 
08:58pm 19/05/2005

I promise I'll get better at drawing. Eventually.

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.03 - Lips 
08:56pm 19/05/2005

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.02 - Fairy Tales 
08:54pm 19/05/2005

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08:49pm 19/05/2005
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Ok I know this cover is pretty confusing in the beginning seeing as it's not Barwolf(brunette) who is the bad guy but it will make sence later on in the chapter I promise.

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